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About Hamilton Eye Warehouse  

Providing the porcelain doll industry, doll artists and doll makers with glass paperweight, hollow blown glass German style, acrylic eyes, and oval doll house eyes since 1986.  


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Solid Glass Paperweight Eyes

We have an excellent supply of sizes and colors.  Very

beautiful threaded eyes.  Our prices are excellent due to

our purchasing ability.  Sizes: 8 to 30mm.

Hollow Blown Glass Eyes German style

Supply in most sizes and colors.  Our prices are excellent.  

Sizes: 12 to 26mm.

Real Eyes Optical Grade Acrylic

Very beautiful eyes.  We are somewhat limited on the sizes and colors.  12 to 26mm.

Glastic Bright Eyes Acrylic

Very nice eyes.  We have an excellent stock of sizes and colors.  10 to 26mm.

Water Drop Acrylic

We have excellent stock of sizes and colors.

10 to 22mm.

Doll House Glass Oval Eyes

Very nice eyes in blue and brown.  2 to 10mm.

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                                $101 and over add $9.75

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​Hamilton Eye Warehouse

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Thank you for inquiring about our SOLID GLASS PAPERWEIGHT EYES.  All of our glass eyes have been specially designed and hand crafted for us according to our specifications, for the discerning doll artist, doll maker and doll collector.  Naturally, we are extremely proud of our glass Paperweight Eyes, which give your doll that museum quality look that is so desirable in your porcelain doll.

Our eyes are genuine 100% glass paperweights, hand-made with depth, beautiful natural color and threading.  They are used for both antique and contemporary dolls with great success.   

The subtle shades of our icy winter blues, the warm tones of our ethnic browns and nuances of the grays, greens and violets, gives your doll 'expression' and 'character'. Every time you look at your precious creation, the paperweight eyes will sparkle and enhance the sheer beauty of your labor-of-love........your doll.

We supply six different styles of doll eyes:

  • Paperweight Glass eyes
  • Hollow blown glass eyes German Style
  • Real Eyes:  100% optical grade acrylic
  • Glastic Bright Eyes: high quality acrylic
  • Premiere Water Drop acrylic Eyes
  • Doll House glass oval eyes  2mm to 10mm

Colors:  Blue, Blue-Grey, Lt Blue, Brown, Grey, Green, Violet 






glass-paperweight doll eyes blue

glass-paperweight doll eyes example